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LDS necklaces

LDS Necklaces

We have lots of different types of religious Christian jewellery which make perfect gifts, including these beautiful necklaces for you to choose from. CTR necklaces, bracelets, earrings and ankle bracelets are fashionable, a reminder to "Choose the Right".  

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Aim High necklaceAim High necklace
Anchor necklaceAnchor necklace
Armour of God dog tagArmour of God dog tag
Beehive necklaceBeehive necklace
Blue CTR love heart necklaceBlue CTR love heart necklace
Book of Mormon necklaceBook of Mormon necklace
Come unto Christ necklaceCome unto Christ necklace
CTR butterfly pink crystal necklaceCTR butterfly pink crystal necklace
CTR butterfly silver necklaceCTR butterfly silver necklace
CTR butterfly white crystal necklaceCTR butterfly white crystal necklace
CTR Circle necklaceCTR Circle necklace
CTR Heart and Soul necklaceCTR Heart and Soul necklace
CTR heart etched gold necklaceCTR heart etched gold necklace
CTR heart locketCTR heart locket
CTR heart with stone necklaceCTR heart with stone necklace
CTR Journey necklaceCTR Journey necklace
CTR love locketCTR love locket
CTR mood heart necklaceCTR mood heart necklace
CTR mood necklace heart journeyCTR mood necklace heart journey
CTR Mood necklace serenity heartCTR Mood necklace serenity heart
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